We Are VAS Holdings

As a proudly South African company we are market leading developers of Customer Acquisition and Retention Programmes. We have over 15 years of experience and innovation within the loyalty and lifestyle industry in South Africa.

At VAS Holdings our objective is to build lasting equitable relationships for our clients. Our programme offerings are developed with the key focus of Innovation, Engagement, Value, Loyalty and Equity.

With a flare for curiosity we invest in further innovation and this in turn allows us to provide programmes that are measurable and ahead of the curve. Our investment gives our clients access to campaigns that are agile, customisable and superior within the market.

This is achieved by providing competitively priced systems, communication mediums and products, along with valuable technical and product support for each customised campaign.

Loyalty is more than offering something for free, it’s about meeting and exceeding expectations and ensuring that people want to come back for more.

What We Do

From exciting your customers, to retaining your best talent, VAS Holdings provides turnkey and bespoke offerings to increase your bottom line, increase customer touch points and create brand stickiness. Our strong foundation of over 15 years means we effectively develop tomorrow’s ideas from yesterday’s learnings and values.

Our innovative products and services can be customised for corporate businesses, call centres and independent companies. Each unique campaign consists of a bouquet of our products to suit each brand’s specific needs.

Our Product, Your Brand

At VAS we offer a variety of customisable and agile products from Lifestyle and Discount Voucher platforms to Emergency Assistance products; these are handled by professional agents through dedicated 24/7 service centres. Each unique campaign includes:

  • A customised online portal
  • A customised Mobile App
  • A fully branded website
  • A unique number for members to call

We are also able to integrate our products into a neatly wrapped Mobile App, adapted specifically to your brand’s needs.

Bespoke Innovation

Our recent bespoke innovations include a concierge Mobile App for emergency, medical and legal assistance for an Insurance company, a Mobile App that encourages Job Creation within South Africa, as well as a Corporate Concierge App to improve day-to-day experiences for employees. All our unique offerings can be customised according to brand needs.

Strategic Intent

VAS Holdings is a Tier 1 product supplier within the Customer Acquisition and Retention field. We work within the guidelines of Compliance Regulations of South Africa, making use of trusted service partners along the way. Compliance and robust systems are the heartbeat of our business.

Our Journey

VAS Holdings was developed from humble beginnings in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Founded by Gilad Abelman, a passionate entrepreneur who values innovation and the development of ideas to solve problems for businesses, VAS quickly grew to reach the heights and reputation it has in the market today.

In the early stages, the founders of VAS spent many hours travelling across the globe to procure partners with quality products to be offered as a bundled value proposition for corporates. As the business continued to evolve, VAS Holdings attracted leading corporate clients in their respective industry sectors and continued to innovate its products and service offerings.

As an Independent Product Supplier, VAS invests in human resources, industry expertise and innovation to offer clients affordable and quality campaigns for their brands - Adding Value, Innovating Loyalty.

Companies we have worked with