Our mobile applications are developed specifically for the Insurance sector, and is a service focused on delivering value within a customer base. It aims to streamline processes, reduce the need for paper based interactions, and saves the user time and effort. Each mobile app can be tailored to the specific insurers requirement.


With life moving at such a rapid pace it’s easy to forget for what you are covered. Quick access to policy documents, lets you see the full range of policies you have taken out in a snapshot. This includes the cover you have taken out with each policy, the cost of the policy as well as the beneficiaries.

The full policy documents can also be viewed or shared once downloaded for a more detailed understanding of your cover or the claims process should you need. There is no need to print or file the documents as each policy is safely stored and can be accessed if and when needed.


Additional cover or cover for new items can be requested via the quick quote functionality with a click of a button. No need to print forms or waste time holding on to speak to an agent or company representative for a quote.

Everything is done through the APP. The smart scan and identity technology will identify the items the quote is needed for and pre-populate the relevant information.

An easy to use step by step process will guide you to save on process time. The pre-populated information can be manually edited to ensure that you receive the most accurate quote. The step by step prompt will reduce the time frame of receiving the quote as we make sure that all relevant information is captured before hand.


We understand that some items need to be insured without delay. Whether its the car you waiting to drive off the dealer floor, adding items to your home insurance or adding beneficiaries to certain policies, the quick insure function will assist.

The quick insure functionality reduces paperwork, the back and forth phone call interactions and approval time. Creating a real time insurance process.


Claiming is usually the biggest hack when it comes to insurance. The frustration of the lengthy and precise details needed while under stress and the time frame it takes for anything to be approved just makes the entire situation worse. Therefore through digitising your claims application form and process you can ensure that the correct information is well as pictures/photo evidence of the situation.

By capturing all this information as and when the event occurs not only minimises the time frame for the claims to be submitted and processed, but also allows your clients to regain control when they are faced with an unpredictable situation such as a Car Accident or Burglary.


Our aim is to create one branded App that makes life easier for you and your customers, whether they need roadside assistance or want to upgrade their insurance package we will tailor make and digitise the process.