Emergency and Critical Impact Services

Everyone needs a helping hand during emergency and critical situations. Enhance the lives of your audience by providing 24/7/365 Emergency services when they need it most.

Our range of services include Medical, Roadside and Panic services. Provide emergency support with a simple click or phone call.

The member and his/her immediate family members are in touch with a 24-hour helpline to respond to medical emergencies of any kind.

A medical emergency refers to a life-threatening episode of illness or injury that requires immediate emergency medical attention.

Illness refers to bodily illness, sickness or disease. Injury refers to an injury caused by accidental (unintentional or unplanned), violent, external and visible means.

The elements of this service are:

  • • Emergency Medical Advice and Assistance
  • • Emergency Medical Transport & Response
  • • Trauma & Crisis Assistance
  • • Medical Facilities & Practitioners Referral
  • • In-Hospital Medical Monitoring
  • • Compassionate Visits
  • • Escorted Return of Minors

Members have access to an efficient roadside emergency help desk.

The service entails 24/7 dispatching of an appropriate service provider in the event of a roadside emergency and continuous follow-up until the incident is attended to.

The service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year within the borders of South Africa for any of the vehicles used by the main Member or the main Member's immediate family Members.

The elements of this service are:

  • • Flat Tyre
  • • Flat Battery
  • • Running out of fuel
  • • Keys locked inside the vehicle
  • • Mechanical or electrical breakdown
  • • Emergency Car Hire or Accommodation
  • • Message relay or conference call

Knowing that you have access to the services that you need will provide some peace of mind during a time of distress.

The contact centre will facilitate the relevant emergency assistance most applicable to the users situation.

The 24/7 contact centre will receive the alert and contact the member back in order to facilitate the relevant emergency assistance.

Emergency assistance involves a call-back to establish the nature of the trigger such as requiring directions, burglary, unexpected medical emergency, etc. Once the request is confirmed via telephone, assistance is arranged and the standard operating procedure in terms of regular follow-ups are undertaken until the case is closed. Assistance includes message relay and conference calls with the relevant service provider such as the flying squad, fire brigade or relatives.

The following options will be made available to member when using the service:

  • 1. Medical Emergency
  • 2. Medical Advice
  • 3. Please Call Me
  • 4. SAPS Flying Squad
  • 5. Fire Brigade

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