Assistance Services

Enhance the lives of your customers or staff with our Assistance Services.

Our range of services include Medical, Roadside, Legal, Tutoring, Tax, Trauma Counselling, and many more.

Everyone needs a helping hand in difficult situations, and our Assistance Services offer your target audience easy access to these services via a simple telephone call. 24/7/365 call centre will ensure your audience receives quick, valuable responses.

Always Connect is an all in one affordable way to connect to the Internet without any mobile data, airtime or additional hardware.

With over 2200 WIFI hot spots situated across South Africa, Always Connect has consumers covered.

The Always Connect hot spot is enough to keep users connected with hot spots conveniently set up at airports, hotels, restaurants, and even at home, where users are guaranteed safe and secure internet connections.

Always Connect has a broad network across South Africa as well as on a global scale, all you need to do is connect to the ‘AlwaysOn’ hotspot through Wi-Fi on your device, sign in with your contact details and you automatically connect anywhere there is an Always Connect hot spot across the globe.

Bail Assist provides clients who have been arrested and are in the process of a bail application.

Bail Assist provides a telephone line, where a legal adviser will assist with professional legal advice and guidance.

This service is available 24/7/365 and assures a qualified, legal agent will be available.

Once the bail assistance call has taken place, the following process occurs: -The police officer on duty will be contacted to verify the arrest and bail details; -An attorney on the panel, closest to the client will be appointed to represent the client and to post bail (limited to R3 000) -The client’s nominated relative/friend would be contacted to advise them of the status of the case.

Best Deal Aggregator is a single contact point for members to source information and pricing on all domestic products and needs, based on the member’s geographical location.

The Best Deal Aggregator will source pricing and products from a wide range of suppliers and provide the member with relevant information.

The service is available 24/7/365 via our telephonic assistance line.

The Career Counselling Line assists prospective students explore the ‘World of Work and Study’.

The service doesn’t replace helpful psychometric tests, yet does provide a few of the following elements:

  • Personal Career Assessments
  • Assistance with the compilation of Curriculum Vitae
  • Personal Career Assessments

The Career Counselling Line will guide students who are uncertain of their future careers, access to an online Career Exploration Exercise, or will be given access to a hard copy, if there is a lack of internet access

The Career Exploration Exercise focuses on vocational interest inventory, making use of questions that include interests and personality. At the end of the assessment, recommendations of possible occupations as well as career guidance will be faxed, emailed or mailed to the student by the Career Counselling Line. The Career Counselling Line is also able to assist students with compilation of his/her CV.

Chill for 2 is your personal DVD and CD gateway giving you access to a selection of local and international titles at incredible prices.

Our bundled CD and DVD packages means that you get even more than you bargained for. Members will receive the benefit of buying one DVD or CD and getting a second one free up to the value of R100 on the cheaper title.

You get incredible deals on DVDs or CDs and as a valued member, you get these great offers delivered right to your door.

  • 1) Search for the titles in the Shopping Category under Chill for 2
  • 2) Complete your details and delivery address
  • 3) Make payment via credit card, EFT or debit card.
  • 4) Once payment has been received, your order will be delivered to you by The Courier Guy within 7 – 10 working days

The Computer Helpline provides users with basic support such as guidance and troubleshooting for their computers, all through a telephonic line.

The helpline is a firstling guidance service and will help users navigate their way towards finding a solution.

The helpline assists with the following:

  • • Hardware
  • • Software packages and additions
  • • Internet set-up and maintenance enquiries
  • • Setting problems
  • • Operating system enquiries
  • • Office packages
  • • Virus Support
  • • Archiving

The Concierge Helpdesk attends to personal requests such as sourcing, arranging or booking of various services, as well as errands.

Having a personal concierge desk at your fingertips allows you to get the professional and quality assistance you never thought was possible.

Let us take care of your needs.
Most of these requests include:

  • Accommodation, Car Hire and Flight Reservations
  • Entertainment and Restaurant Reservations
  • Passports and Visa Enquiries
  • General Tourist Information
  • Parent Assistance

The possibilities are endless with the team of concierge agents available to members. The service is available 24/7/365

Members have access to FMCG coupons to use at any Shoprite/Checkers store.

Shoprite/Checkers is Africa's largest food retailer with 1825 corporate and 363 franchise outlets in 15 countries across Africa.

Members redeem discounts on FMCG products via their mobile phones. The member will receive an SMS with a USSD code which will list all items on discount for that specific month. The USSD code is displayed at Shoprite/Checkers point of sale and discount is received instantly.

Crime and Security Assistance is a 24-hour crisis management service, that assists members during security breaches and matters of crime.

Having access to an efficient 24/7/365 helpdesk ensures that you are not alone in your time of distress.

This service assists in the following scenarios:

  • Cell Phone Theft: We will provide a stand-in cell phone that has been loaded with R100 pre-paid airtime
  • House Keys Theft: We will appoint a locksmith to assist lock replacement limited to R1 000 per annum
  • Home Security: The service will appoint a security guard on-site for 24 hours should you need it due to a security concern
  • Vehicle Hi-Jacking: We will arrange alternative transport via a cab service or car rental service limited to R1000
  • Credit Card/s Theft: The service will provide the member with a R500 digital voucher via SMS.

The Debt Counselling service includes assistance from qualified legal advisors who will assist with the legality surrounding a debt review and the process it entails.

Should the member wish to apply for a debt review, the legal advisor will then refer the member to a registered debt counsellor or debt counselling company in their area where they reside for further facilitation.

Further facilitation by a registered debt counsellor or debt counselling company will be a direct agreement between both parties.

The elements of Debt Review are:

  • • Formal debt review process
  • • Contacting of creditors and advising that client is under formal debt review
  • • Register client under NCR
  • • Re-negotiate terms with the required creditors
  • • Get the new terms reached with the creditors approved in court
  • • Keep the client updated with all information on repayments whilst the client is undergoing debt rehabilitation

Any cost in relation to the facilitation of a debt review by a registered debt counsellor or debt counselling company will be for the member's own account.

The Discount Vouchers offer helps Members make decisions on their lifestyle needs by giving discounted access to SA’s favourite national brand and service providers.

Members have access to huge range of discount partners which vary from holiday accommodation, travel packages and flights to car rentals, motoring, online shopping, restaurants and more.

Below is a list of our Discount Partners.

Knowing your personal credit information is vital in today’s economy. Your credit information is gathered by credit bureaus on a regular basis from the various sources who have extended you credit. As a consumer, it’s critical that you are aware of your credit status, and have an accurate picture of your credit history.

We offer you FREE personal credit reports per year through our telephonic support service.

Simply give us a call during office hours and we can assist you with the process to obtain your free credit report. Telephonic assistance and process guidance are provided in terms of personal financial enquiries which includes sharing information regarding the client’s current credit status.
Based on the circumstances, the client can be guided in terms of a debt consolidation process and referred to a professional, national network of such practitioners.

The Fine Assist Service specialises in the legal reduction of traffic fines throughout South Africa.

All traffic fines issued from all municipalities throughout South Africa will be considered.

Most Traffic Fines are issued at the maximum permissible amount.

On behalf of the member, Fine Assist, will forward an objection to the relevant State Prosecutor and he/she can at his/her discretion reduce or even withdraw the traffic fine.
Fine Assist will collect the traffic fine and after the reduction has been applied, return the traffic fine to the member, with a reconciliation statement and invoice for settlement of the traffic fines.
The Fine Assist service will charge the member a service fee of 35% of the saved/reduced amount of the traffic fine.
*Fine Assist also provides limited Registration services within the Gauteng area only.

The Funeral Assist product offers specialized, professional assistance to customers with funeral arrangement during a time of need.

The aim is to provide telephonic assistance in a language which poses no or otherwise a limited communication barrier in the time of distress.

The service is available 24/7/365 via a telephonic assistance line, ensuring you have access to the right information when you most need it.

The Funeral Assist product includes the following services:

  • • Faxing or e-mailing of required claim forms or referral/transfer to relevant numbers
  • • Referral to funeral parlours, undertakers and/or pathologists listed on an extensive national database of service providers for either funerals or cremations.
  • • Advice on standard funeral practices such as operating hours of government mortuaries, transportation requirements and required paperwork in the event of long distance repatriation locally or across border.

Find the right company or individual to assist you with items around the house is no longer a daunting task.

With a variety of reliable and reputable contractors available, we will provide the right match for your needs.

The service is available 24/7/365 via telephonic assistance. The HandyMan Assist service would include but is not limited to:

  • • Air conditioners and commercial refrigeration
  • • Repairs not complying with regulated specifications such as SABS and others
  • • Hang Mirrors

The His or Hers offer is your discounted e-Portal offering, which provides the latest in accessories and designer jewellery from the trendiest brands in the market.

Members will receive incredible savings off the normal retail rates from brands such as Guess, Tomato and Lanco.

The service is available 24/7/365 via a telephonic assistance line

The HIV Aids Treatment Line offers members 24/7/365 telephonic support following assault, rape or accidental exposure to HIV.

The member is referred to public and/or private facilities for HIV Aids testing.

The service includes the following benefits:

Exposure to HIV/Aids by an HIV/Aids negative subscriber

  • • Unlimited telephonic counselling intervention, advice and information
  • • A “morning after” pill to prevent pregnancy
  • • 30 Day starter pack of anti-retroviral medication
  • • 7 Day course of medication for prevention of the development of STI (Sexually Transmitted Infections)
  • • Registration for an HIV/Aids management program should the counsellor recommend

Exposure to HIV/Aids by an HIV/Aids positive subscriber

  • • Unlimited telephonic counselling intervention, advice and information
  • • A “morning after” pill to prevent pregnancy
  • • 7 Day course of medication for prevention of the development of STI (Sexually Transmitted Infections)

The member is assisted with any home emergency or non-emergency on a 24/7 basis at the members permanent residence which includes outbuildings on the premises.

These situations apply to Electrical, Plumbing, Household, Motors & Appliances only for which the call-out and first hour’s labour is free of charge to the member.

We will assist by arranging an appropriate service provider in order to provide for the functioning of essential services and/or to limit consequential damage or sanitation risk.

The summary for Home Assistance Service:

Electrical, Plumbing, Glazier & Locksmith

  • • Cost for services rendered by service providers is free of charge to the member limited to the contractor’s call-out fee and first hour’s labour and maximum 3 incidents per annum.

Other Home Services such as Appliances, Garden Services, Gate Motors, Intercoms, etc.

  • • The case manager will obtain quotes from more than one service provider available and make arrangements in terms of the call-out or appointment on behalf of the customer. Cost is paid by the customer.

Home Care provides support to members who need help with frustrations and challenges around the house.

We're just a call away and will provide quick and effective assistance in the event that you need a locksmith, or a rental vehicle and even a security guard.

We offer service that ensures you, your family or home are taken care in the most efficient way possible.

The elements of this service are:

Locksmith Service

  • The Locksmith service includes repairs to locks, up to the value of R500.00.

Rental Vehicle

  • A group B rental vehicle will be allocated to you for up to 48 hours to the maximum value of R1250.00.

Security guard

  • should you be in a situation where you feel you need a security guard we will provide one to protect your home for up to 48 hrs.

This service focuses on assisting Members with the stress and hardship of moving homes.

Home Relocation will assist Members with movers, cleaners and fixer uppers to make sure that their move from one home to another is as easy as possible.

We will facilitate access to the following services on your behalf and pay for costs incurred up to a maximum of R1500.00: and any further costs will be directly billed to you.

Moving services:

  • We will assist you to gather the correct information in order to get a competitive quote on a mover.

Cleaning services

  • To spring clean your new home; we will source the most appropriate service provider for your needs.

Re-connection of your satellite dish/equipment.

Re-connection of your washing machine or dishwasher:

  • Whether you want use the entire R1500.00 toward your moving cost or spend half on cleaning services is entirely up to you; we will facilitate payment up to a maximum of R1500.00.

Professional, in-house, qualified legal advisors provide advice to the customer on any legal topic or matter ranging from debt and divorce to labour and domestic violence, 24/7.

The legal service also provides for standard legal documents such as a domestic worker employment contract, maintenance kit, offer to purchase, small claims court kit, Road Accident Fund, etc. You also get a FREE 30 minute in person consultation should it be required.

In addition, the legal advisors will also peruse and evaluate agreements.

Matters which require assistance by a practicing attorney will be referred to an attorney on the national database and the member qualifies for a first 30-minute consultation, one letter of demand or a telephonic call to the party in question at no cost, at the discretion of the legal advisor.

Members are able to access to Nurses and pharmacies with in-house clinic facilities.

The national footprint of over 235 independent pharmacies gives members discounted services and special offers in store.

Nurses and pharmacists with PCDT qualifications are able to offer the a range of services, some listed below.

General medical consultations at R130 per consultation which is significantly cheaper than the normal rate of seeing medical practitioner.

Issuing scripts – up to schedule 2 medication as well as repeated chronic medication. Members will receive an additional R5 off the value of every script;

Sick notes for up to 4 days; Vaccinations;

Special offers on 6 products per months offered by various pharmaceutical companies. These products will be advertised as special offers on the shelves.

The network also includes a national network of more than 1 000 doctors, optometrists and dentists on the PrimeCure national provider network. Members qualify for a discounted rate of between 20% and 40%.

There are often occasions where its safer not to drive. In these situations the Take Me Home Service is there to assist.

The aim of the Take Me Home Service is to facilitate a responsible road user’s behaviour by providing access to a pre-booked chauffer service either in his/her own car with a designated driver or alternatively to arrange for a taxi service when the client requires transport for short distance trips.

Designated Driver Service
This service allows for a pre-booked chauffeur to drive in the client’s own car with a second driver following, in order to pick-up the designated driver once the client has reached his/her specified destination.

Cab Service
This service allows for a cab or taxi service for the client such as a drop-off at the office when the client’s car is in for a service or airport transfer. The service is also available for an immediate family member, for example, the collection of a client’s child after a school event.

Having the knowledge that you can call us when you need assistance with personal tax queries provides peace of mind.

The service provides assistance with personal tax enquiries, referral to an appropriate tax specialist, interpretation of personal tax options and telephonic assistance with the completion of personal tax returns.

  • • Assistance with personal tax enquires
  • • Quality telephonic advice relating to personal tax problems
  • • Referral to an appropriate tax specialist
  • • Interpretation of personal tax options
  • • Telephonic assistance and guidance with the completion of personal tax returns

The service is available 24/7/365 via telephonic assistance.

The Trauma Assist and Counselling Service is an uninterrupted, confidential and professional telephonic counselling facility, available to members and their dependents every day of the year.

Telephonic trauma counselling is however provided in the event of the member being effected by an event, condition or incident that could be but is not limited to domestic violence, school bullying, teen suicide, teen pregnancy, motor accident, hijacking, burglary, the loss of a loved one, family chronic or life-threatening medical condition or disability.

Assessment in terms of the nature of the call is made by the frontline staff and transferred to qualified, professional and understanding counsellors who have been trained to help people cope with such matters.

Telephonic debriefing and counselling is conducted by the qualified counsellor and should the counsellor determine a need for additional face-to-face counselling, the member will be directed to an appropriate trauma counselling centre, nearest to the member’s work or home address.

This service provides a telephonic, after hour’s homework helpline where qualified tutors assist learners with their homework or project queries.

The role of the tutors is to encourage, explain and assist children with evening homework where so often parents are not available, or perhaps not equipped to deal with the task.

The service is available via telephonic assistance.
Teachings in the following subjects are available to assist:

  • • Mathematics & Science
  • • Business Economics
  • • Geography
  • • Biology
  • • English
  • • Afrikaans
  • • Accounting
  • • Economics

Value Vouchers offer members exciting access to discounted vouchers for Retail Chains, Movie Tickets and Airtime.

With over 2000 stores and outlets to choose from, with savings of up to 60%, there is something for everyone.

Vouchers are available in various denominations and we are able to customise these on behalf of our clients.

How our vouchers are typically structured:

Retail Vouchers
Members have the option to purchase retail vouchers from over 2000 stores/outlets, saving as much as 50%

Airtime Vouchers
Members have the option to purchase MTN, Vodacom or Cell C Vouchers at discounted rates, saving as much as 30%

Checkers Vouchers
Members have the option to purchase Checkers Vouchers, saving up to 25%

2 for 1 Movies
Members pay the full price of the first movie ticket and get a second free

Any questions? Contact us